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Atlas theatre company

formed in 2015, Atlas is an arts engagement Theatre Company with the intention of making theatre accessible to as many as possible regardless of age and previous experience. Over the years Atlas have performed and facilitated events across the UK, performing and working in a variety of different contexts. Atlas Theatre Company has been working in the local community for the last 7 years and have a residency at the University of Sunderland.


our aim is to open the door to a new and transferable set of skills regardless of what performance experience the participants have had previously. To give  back and be a positive part of the local community whilst encouraging all to engage in the wonderful world of the creative arts. In Atlas all the world’s a stage, and that stage is for everyone. 

atlas is made up of a diverse group of people, those who are trained in performance, those who enjoy it as a hobby, those who are stepping onto the stage for the first time and for some who have English as a second language; all coming together with a creative aim! 

Atlas theatre company run various programmes and workshops throughout the north east of England with the ultimate aim of allowing access to the arts to anybody and everybody that wishes to get involved. We believe the arts should be for everyone.

Atlas theatre company isn’t just another Stage school or Arts Group; it’s a family, and we are always open to new opportunities and challenges. As here at Atlas theatre company, we believe, the arts are for everyone. 

Our Team

Atlas Theatre Company was founded by Holly Rose Kneller and Abigail James in 2015. Holly is a qualified and experienced facilitator with industry specific training from Guildford School of Acting and the University of Sunderland.  Abigail has years of experience working within Learning and Development. Abigail has held many management roles within the performing arts industry.

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